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The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living by Joseph M. Marshall III

As the title implies, this book is full of stories that teach one the qualities necessary for living a good life and being a good person. Although I love to read, I often listen to audiobooks. They make certain mundane task more enjoyable. Some books are best read, but this book is meant to be listened to as most of the content is derived from the oral storytelling tradition of the Lakota. In listening to The Lakota Way, you are listening to the stories as the author heard them, told by his grandparents.

Joseph M. Marshall III recounts the stories he was told as a child to teach him the value of qualities such as humility, bravery, fortitude, perseverance, generosity, wisdom, compassion, love… The stories are beautiful and moving. He tells us how these stories shaped his life and his people. As a historian, Mr. Marshall gives us a brief insight into the history of the Lakota and how the coming of Europeans forever changed the landscape of North America and the lives of its First Peoples. And he reveals how these stories helped the Lakota to preserve their identity and their way of life.

If all children were told these stories, the world would be a much more harmonious place. Listening to these stories as an adult, it reminds us of the person we want to be. I’ll definitely be checking out more books by Joseph Marshall.

You an find it from the usual sources, but here’s a link to The Lakota Way on Overdrive where you can listen to audiobooks for free and all you need is a library card!

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