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Welcome to my site!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I'm glad you've come across my web site. It is my deepest desire to help as many people as possible with Reiki, both through giving sessions and teaching others Reiki. I believe everyone can benefit from Reiki as long as they are open to the experience. I have personally benefited by receiving deeply profound emotional healing, releasing generational and personal trauma as well as healing religious trauma over the course of several Reiki treatments and through taking Reiki classes. Everyone's experience is unique to themselves. Others I've treated have experienced deep relaxation and stress release, vivid imagery and colors, relief from physical symptoms and an increased ability to be open to love and other positive emotions. Furthermore, I've found Reiki to be useful in my everyday life. I use Reiki on my laptop when it won't start up and I even use Reiki on myself before I drive on I-405 to make the drive more pleasant! I would be honor to help you discover the joy and love that Reiki can bring into your life.

Please check back or contact me if you have any questions.

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