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Tiffany H., Jupiter, FL

Angela has helped me via internet all the way from the opposite coast! She guided me, and taught me reiki to help with my fight against cancer. She has helped me to focus on healing, and the side effects I suffer from chemotherapy. It has truly been a blessing, and a great help. I highly recommend Angela for reiki healing, and or instruction. She is genuine, talented, and a lovely person to boot!

Kim N., Victoria, B.C.

I thoroughly enjoyed Angela’s online Reiki class. The attunement experiences were absolutely incredible and very effective. She presented the information with passion and made it very accessible. Angela provided excellent support and guidance through the course. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the online practical exercises and enjoyed those the most. I would highly recommend this Reiki course with Angela.

Evie G., WPB, FL

Working with Angela has been a lovely experience. Her [PSYCH-K®] sessions have helped me to peel away pounds of emotional baggage and focus on healing. I definitely look forward to more sessions with her going forward.

Laurence G., Olympia, WA

Angela introduced me to Reiki at a time when I was experiencing some intense abdominal pain for over a week. She helped me to relax and and I slept for 12 hours that night. The pain was gone the next day!  I enjoyed working with her and I'm looking forward to learning more from her in the future!!

Deann K., Seattle, WA

Angela is a gifted practitioner. She creates a warm, comfortable and inviting space where I felt relaxed and supported.  Angela is genuine, thoughtful, and friendly.  I experienced her to be very intuitive and equally compassionate.  I felt a real connection during our sessions. 

Sevina V., Victoria, B.C.

I had the pleasure of joining Angela this past weekend for her level 1 & 2 online series. Even over the distance, Angela's gentle nature is palpable. Her pure enjoyment of this work is inspiring and makes the learning process both interesting and dynamic. She lead us through many exercises beautifully and despite the distance again, I felt very held and seen.

Tracy S., Vancouver, B.C.

I recently took Angela’s online (Zoom) Usui / Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2 class. Angela has a wealth of knowledge and conveys this with real enthusiasm. With her great facilitation, listening and communication skills, each student had time to share experiences and have questions answered. Angela is so personable that I felt at ease right away and was comfortable sharing and learning with the group.  It is clear to me that Angela’s goal as a teacher is to help people heal. I’m new to reiki and learnt so many great techniques that I’ve used many times already in the ten days since the class. What a great way to spend a weekend, learn skills and meet new people – especially at this time of social distancing. I highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning reiki.

Kim Y., Victoria, B.C.

Angela has been an amazing teacher and supportive facilitator. She has taught me Reiki with her kind, compassionate and patient style. She has also helped me to reach a state of relaxation and integrate my experiences while receiving Reiki sessions. I have laughed and cried through her beautifully facilitated PSYCH-K sessions as well. These sessions have brought me such wonderful and surprising self-discoveries. The PSYCH-K sessions have allowed me to balance old belief patterns and formulate new goal statements for the life I truly desire. I am so appreciative and grateful for all her kindness and patience along the way, as I have continued to grow and heal. Angela is intuitive, authentic and present in every session and every class. She is truly wonderful! She continues to support me to become more and more my true Self, who I am meant to BE. Thank you Angela!

Suzanna R., Victoria, B.C.

I participated in a weekend-long First and Second degree Reiki workshop led by Angela. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and found it to be fascinating, illuminating and healing on a deep level. Angela was a wonderful instructor: approachable, grounded, genuine, passionate, knowledgeable, kind, generous and entertaining. With Angela's guidance, I learned entry-level skills and now feel comfortable continuing to explore independently in order to hone  techniques and deepen into a personal Reiki practice. What a wonderful, connective, nurturing and supportive experience! Thank you, Angela!

Shannon S., Olympia, WA

I was first introduced to Psych-K at the beginning of a new relationship after many years of being single.  I had long ago given up that I would be able to develop a loving partnership with someone.  In the early stages of the relationship, I found myself feeling very resistant to the possibility of physical intimacy.  A lifetime of emotionally abusive patterns surfaced, and I felt paralyzed at the base of a mountain of pain to traverse. 

Angela shared her experience with Pysch-K and we talked about whether or not this would be a good fit for my needs.  I knew after one session that something had shifted in a positive direction.  I was able to feel love for myself and to find my voice in the early stages of relationship building. I continued to work with Angela in several more sessions.  She is an excellent collaborator.  She listens to my mental meandering and helps me to identify the core issues at the root of my challenges.  

In many ways the work feels effortless. The more I did it, the better I felt.  Years’ worth of mental pain and struggle changed from jagged edges that limited my potential to something more like a soft warm blanket that felt supportive and accepting. I am now able to experience my history as a part of my growth and development and not as a limitation preventing me from experiencing joy and happiness.  Angela is down to earth, relatable, and accessible.  She enjoys the work and lovingly shares her training to help others free themselves from painful burdens so they may reach their full potential.  I highly recommend you try a few sessions with Angela to experience this change for yourself. 

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